everyone still

I never had never had it never had a moment to a moment to feel to feel the grass the grass the sky the wonder on my back on my back I never had a moment to a moment to hold the wonder of my mother the wonder of my mother and father my mother my father […]

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Being 10 in June, 2002

Before the birds, before the light Before your eyes when you open them Before the third, fourth thoughts About your mother, your father Before the yawn, the sleeping limb Before collecting the dead limbs Before your lawn bathed in dew Before your shorts, the pool, and shock Before you begin being you Before the Rest of your […]

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I know I’m living through a trauma, because I don’t feel far enough away yet to write about it. “It” being my current and prolonged mental state, in which I am experiencing frightfully little to no interest in myself, my thought life, and my passions, and a blooming and sustained state of obligation, on-time-edness, and […]

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A Twenty-Five-Year-Old Woman

I AM a twenty-five-year-old woman, and every year I do not fuck to give birth, or approach my Career with VERVE, or keep the ocean of myself hidden in plain sight, I am failing on all counts. Unsound, I am failing even myself– shifting the mirror at night, counting stray hairs that grow on my lower abdomen, forbidden– even in bed, as I […]

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This is my body, broken for you

*trigger warning: sexual violence, domestic abuse, police abuse* The same memory card can be used in a variety of camera models. I currently use a DSLR camera given to me by a family friend, along with several old memory cards I have kept from past camera use. I use them all — old and new– interchangeably when they fill up and […]

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I always think about the concept of home. In certain respects, I feel very at home here in Chicago. I’ve been meeting a lot of amazing, and talented people– and some pretty cool cats. But I also miss New Jersey. I miss the fresh farmers markets, and exploring small town America with the People who define Home– […]

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